EpiSwitch® CiRT

Only one test predicts
how a patient will respond to
immune checkpoint-inhibitor (ICI) therapies:

EpiSwitch Checkpoint-inhibitor
Response Test (CiRT)

EpiSwitch (CiRT)

The first-of-its-kind blood test predicts an individual patient's therapeutic response to checkpoint-inhibitor immunotherapy.

EpiSwitch CiRT provides patient specific guidance to support informed decision-making regarding the treatment plan you create for your patient.

Benefits of EpiSwitch CiRT

Now every patient can benefit from the world's first test to assess the probability of therapeutic success of checkpoint-inhibitor therapy with high accuracy.

Understand your patient's likelihood of response to guide your decisions on beginning or continuing treatment with an ICI

Among patients experiencing an adverse reaction or toxicity, use the test to identify those who are likely to benefit from continued treatment

Improve overall patient response rate by accurately stratifying patients based on their likelihood of response

Fast and actionable prediction
of a patient's personalized probability of response.

With a routine qPCR blood test, our comprehensive and validated approach
delivers an easy-to-understand, confidential report that includes a prediction
of individual patient response, with no need for a biopsy.

Patients with a positive EpiSwitch CiRT result can begin or continue their
therapy confidently.

Built on Oxford BioDynamics' EpiSwitch technology platform, CiRT is based on a comprehensive and validated approach that identifies and stratifies critical drivers of an individual's immune system.

The predictive value of EpiSwitch CiRT blood signature was developed using Oxford BioDynamics' EpiSwitch 3D genomic immune health database—the world's largest genomic database—via several controlled studies conducted in 2018.

EpiSwitch CiRT Report

Personalize your guidance for each patient.
The test is intended to identify your patient's likelihood of response to an immune checkpoint inhibitor (ICI) therapy.

Individuals with a response level in the high probability range have a greater chance of benefiting from an ICI. Conversely, individuals with a response level in the low probability range have a reduced chance of benefiting from an ICI. These results should be considered along with other clinical features for interpretation by a licensed medical professional.

The EpiSwitch CiRT report includes indications for a healthcare professional to interpret a patient's likelihood of response to ICI therapy and formulate an effective management plan.
EpiSwitch CiRT is a validated test for predicting response to an ICI.

EpiSwitch CiRT delivers high sensitivity and specificity for predicting the beneficial use of an ICI. The blood test measures eight epigenetic markers to determine the most likely outcome of treatment.

Positive Predictive Value:
Negative Predictive Value:
Download the Technical Overview to learn more about how EpiSwitch CiRT can help guide treatment decisions for patients and their providers.
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